Events and Services

We organize your event as you wish: piñatas, celebrations, weddings, camping (students, church related, boy scouts) celebrations and other company activities: or maybe you only want to spend a day enjoying nature with family or friends, have a picnic or go fishing at the tilapia "fish bowls"; you may want to go horseback riding or bicycling around the whole farm; perhaps only want to take a walk or throw yourself down on the grass and enjoy the view of the sky and the mountains.

  • Company Activities

    • Training, group dynamics, workshops, product launching, events in general.  We have the horse barn hall that offers all the facilities for lectures and presentations in company of curious and respectful horses.  Recess and lunch can take place at the lagoon area where beside the natural beauty of the place, there is a kitchen set inside a container and all the necessary electrical settings.  For training courses or programs that require a sleep over, our bio climatically adapted containers with a total capacity for 32 people are a special and innovative option; another option are the camping tents that can provide a different and fun filled experience.

  • Church Activities

    • We are in the heart of the North West zone of the city of San Pedro Sula, but the tranquility that Hacienda Tara provides gives the opportunity to carry out religious events and other activities in complete peace and communication with God through nature. Lectures, chants and silences join the birds' songs and the music of the trees. A sleep over in our "dorm containers" or camping with the warmth of a nice bon fire could be the highlight of a peaceful event.

  • Sport Activities

    • We have a polyvalent court with official measurements for either basketball or volley ball. Soccer and quick soccer fields fully sodded.
      Any or all of these courts and fields can be used as a complement to any type of event

  • Primary and High School, and Universities activites

    • There is so much to see and to do in the different corners of Hacienda Tara that the schools and universities can choose it to develop different programs such as sports, orchards, local plants and wildlife. Teachers and professors can let their imagination wander and carry out events of pleasing and educative lessons for their students making use of our plantain and pineapple plantations, orchards, farm animals breeding, and wildlife. As we have a deep respect for the wildlife, they circulate by the farm with all the trust and certainty that nobody will hurt them, thus you will find: at the lagoon besides the fish, turtles, wild ducks, "pichiches", water hens; on the trees besides the birds, iguanas, lizards; among the plants, "guatusas", rabbits, etc.

  • Celebrations: Weddings and Birthday

    • You can rent one of our areas or the whole farm for your celebration to take place. And if you don't want to get too complicated, we can offer more: personnel to help with decorations, music, food, furniture, etc. You only need to tell us how you want to carry out your plans and we will try to give you the best possible service. We provide entertainment for your party were young and old can enjoy of traditional games that some children don't know and that some adults don't remember but that some of us long for.

  • Horse Back Riding And Equestrian Lessons

    • We have several equestrian students. They take their lessons, learn to make friendship with the noble horses and have their practices at a field that is located by the horse barn hall. Some of them are observers at jumping competitions with the idea of participating in a near future, and if possible... to win!
      Even if you don't know how to horseback ride, you can take a tour around the whole farm in the company of experienced personnel. If you know how to horseback ride, for your safety, we will keep you company throughout your tour.

  • Camping and Retreats

    • At 5:00 pm all activity at Hacienda Tara ends; peace and silence take over. Natural noises made by the animals (domestic and wild) who live there may be heard. As we are surrounded by residential developments, at a distance you can hear the passing of vehicles and persons, sometimes you can hear music.
      This tranquility allows us to confidently offer the facilities for camps and retreats to take place. Around the lagoon, even though there is electric power... there is no more illumination than the moonlight, maybe a bon fire, and also the illumination from a distance.
      We provide camping tents for small groups even though generally the groups bring their own tents. We can also give accommodations at the "dorm containers" and provide the facilities of a kitchen, benches, large screen and equipment to watch videos. We only need to know what is that is needed to put our best effort in trying to provide it.

  • Sport Fishing

    • At Hacienda Tara there are several places where water runs naturally and freely. Taking advantage of one of these places, natural "fish bowls" have been put together for tilapia breeding. Individually or as part of a group, you are more than welcome. If you don't have a fishing rod, we can provide a rustic one made out of bamboo with bait. You can buy the fish you catch, or if you prefer, return them to the "fishing bowl". Sometimes you only need to go around the area to enjoy that part of the farm hidden behind a plantation of plantain, pineapple and others.

  • Visit to our Farm

    • Hacienda Tara continues, in a small scale, with breeding of domestic farm animals: cattle, bovine cattle (sheep), horses, chickens of different breeds, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, and little by little there will be other animals that will be joining our little paradise. Everybody´s pet is our donkey "Viernes Guapo" whom with its brays and saults tries to call the visitors' attention.

      To those we can add the wild animals who have made Hacienda Tara their home, as it is with the night herons better known as "bujajas", toucans, a couple of hawks; also the different parrots that come to visit every afternoon. Beautiful butterflies and birds in all colors and beautiful singing. 
  • Promenades

    • Anyone who wants to enjoy a day with nature is welcome to our Hacienda Tara. Entire families visit us with their picnic basket, having a nice time enjoying the place, going horseback, just walking around; some adults and children bring their bicycles.
      We welcome primary and high schools, universities, associations, company groups. And we organize a promenade including food service, different and enjoyable activities, traditional games, walks, horseback riding, farm tractor rides, fish feeding, visit to the farm animals and run into one or two wild creatures, enjoy the birds and the singing of the trees... so many things to do!

If you wish to perform some other type of activity that is compatible with the environment and the farm's philosophy, consult with us that together we will find the way to organize your event in the best way possible.